Tuesday 27 Feb 18:00

Angular, Redux & Kubernetes

Stockholm FullStack SecDevOps


LEVEL: Intermediate

We're excited to announce Stockholm FullStack SecDevOps Engineering Meetup #14! This time we will meet at FooCafe.


18.00 - Meet & Greet

18.15 - Talk 1 and Q&A

19.00 - Break with something lighter to eat

19.30 - Talk 2 and Q&A


Title: Angular 5 components and Redux


In this presentation, Quang Vu will talk about transition from component based way of thinking to Redux and how to utilise both approaches for fun and profit:

-Angular Smart & Dumb component

-From component to Redux

-Pros and cons with both approaches


Quang is a seasoned Frontend Developer/co-owner of Rapid Startup Studio with several years of experience in developing SPA solutions. He has deep understanding of Angular platform and many prominent Javascript frameworks as well as a wide range of design disciplines focusing on user interaction and user experience.


Title: Solving Microservices challenges with Kubernetes


In this presentation, Rasheed Amir will show how to use kubernetes to solve the microservices challenges in few real world projects.


Rasheed Amir is a serial entrepreneur and tech enabler at Stakater (www.stakater.com). He has over a decade's experience in helping companies (like IBM, Ericsson, Pliro, Fixtelligent, Apoteket, SEB, TradeSharp, Scania, Coop, etc.) to deliver valuable, high-quality software frequently and reliably through implementing effective Software Engineering and DevOps practices. He is passionate about cutting edge technologies for reusability, integration and automation in software ecosystems.

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