Wednesday 02 May 17:30

Cancelled "OWASP Top 10"

After Work Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate


New date will be set and information will follow.

The “OWASP Top 10” is a project aiming at finding the most prevalent web application vulnerabilities. They have released a ranking on 2010, 2013 and 2017.

In this talk we will go over the 2017 ranking and explain how the different vulnerabilities work and what can be done in order to prevent an attacker from exploiting them.

Speaker Francisco Izquierdo

Klondike has had a knick for computers since his early childhood and a knack for security since he ended up on a hacker forum on his teen ages. Short after, he learnt about ethics and decided to be a grey hat until somebody offered to pay him for his services making him a white hat. During this time he has been active doing things like developing Gentoo Hardened, participating on CTFs and even giving talks at conferences or writting up challenges for them.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – Presentation

18.30-19.00 – Break with somethiong lighter to eat and drink

19.00-20.00 – Q&A

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