Tuesday 10 Oct 17:30

Cancelled! An evening with professional Penetration testers



This event has been cancelled! Participants will be notified when rescheduled. 

SecuriTea is proud to present an evening with Stuart and Chris from SensePost.

Chris and Stuart will be giving us a rundown of the tools they use when performing pentests against various pieces of hardware and systems.

We will get an introduction to a wide variety of tools such as Kwetza for injecting Meterpreter payloads into Android applications, Peanuts for wifi tracking and others!


17:30 - 17:45 - Meet and Greet

17:45 - 18:30 - Presentation

18:30 - 19:00 - Pizza and beverage

19:00 - ......... - Discussions and mingle


Stuart Kennedy

Ex Military, Automotive and engineering geek! Stuart joined SensePost in 2013 after working for the MoD with a specialist skill set in training and RF hacking. When he isn’t hacking, he is building race cars! Taught over 2000+ students over the last four years from basics to full offensive warfare tactics.

Chris Le Roy

is a Senior Analyst and Team Leader at SensePost in London. A regular BlackHat trainer, he’s got both a building (CompSci and many a year working as a software engineer) and tearing apart all things Internet and cyber perspective. The fruits of both sides have been enjoyed at multiple BlackHat Arsenal sessions in Las Vegas, Europe and BSides Cape Town. He’s recently co-developed and presented one of the first SecDevOps courses at the prestigious BlackHat USA

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