Thursday 28 Sep 18:00

Group Bug Bounty

Smash The Stack


LEVEL: Intermediate


Danut works for [REDACTED], one of Europe's largest information security companies as a pentester. On the night he will talk about how we got into pentesting, he will share some awesome stories and security fails plus offer insight into common vulnerabilities and tools used in the job.

SESSION: Group Bug Bounty

On the night we will set up a collaborative Bug bounty arena/testing platform to enable us to find bugs together. After all, we hack to learn, we don't learn to hack.

INSIGHT: Hack The Box

FInd out more about, an awesome platform to practise offensive security skills.

+ The beloved Pizza & Beer break & other security related shenanigans

This meet-up group is for people interested in information about technology and hacking issues such as reverse engineering, malware analysis, rf hacking, fuzzing, exploit development (for research purposes only), penetration testing and much more plus societal issues, such as surveillance, privacy, freedom of information, hacktivism and data security.

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