Malmö, Sweden

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Hack Your Future

Hack Your Future Class

11.30 Sunday, Aug 19

fullstack, SQL, JavaScript, node.js



Want to be a better Speaker?

17:45 Monday, Aug 20

leadership, people, communicating, presenting, speaking


Teal for Teal Malmö

An Everyone culture

17:30 Tuesday, Aug 21

self organising, teal


Go Malmö

Concurrency In Go

17:30 Wednesday, Aug 22

go, software development, Concurrency


HackYourFuture & CoderDojo

Multi mentor meeting

17:30 Wednesday, Aug 22

mentor, teaching, kids, newcomer

Ds 2k 475x140

Afterwork seminar

Six Years Anniversary

17:30 Monday, Aug 27

celebration, TBA



Jerry Weinberg Tribute

17:30 Wednesday, Aug 29

testing, software development

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Aug 30

lean, business, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship

Machine Learning & AI

After Work Seminar

AI-Problem solving, inspired by the brain.

17:30 Tuesday, Sep 04

Artificial Intelligence , machine learning



Second Layer Solutions For Scaling Blockchains

17:30 Wednesday, Sep 12

security, scaling, Blockchain

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