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AW Seminar

Spacial computing, XR (AR/VR)

How to create engaging experiences and what will it do to our perception and understanding of UI/UX design. We will look at the changes that will come with the emerging technologies, like AR. Web-AR, VR and Spacial computing in general and how AR and AR-glasses combined with 5G and edge computing. How Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook is already driving the industry….  Web authoring tools making it easier and more accessible.


Niels Østergaard - Niels specialized in applying new technologies to visual communication and design, always with a goal of simplifying and converting complex knowledge into easy-to-understand communication.+20 years of experience working UI/UX and app development and with extensive knowledge in a wide variety of 3D software, producing/developing 3D animation, real-time 3D graphics and XR (AR/VR) solutions.


17.30 – Meet, Greet & Eat

18.00 – Presentation

18.45 – Break

19.00 – Q&A

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