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AW Seminar

Let’s take care of our own garbage, it can’t be that hard right? The why and what of Rust.

Rust is a programming language that is often talked about but not as well used as other programming languages. It’s a language that takes a different approach to memory management. It has no garbage collector, yet leaves no leaks. Imagine a green and flowery garden! It grows and it shines with color in the sunlight. If the weeds are the memory leaks, how would you keep it tidy? Through planting the correct plants together and inviting some insects, or by hiring a gardener? 

Rust is a natural way of keeping the weeds out without the need for a garbage collector or gardener In this case. But what is Rust and why should we use it?


Alexander Herlin - Alexander is a consultant Software developer that works for One Agency and his assignement is at BIMobject as a backend developer. He’s extrovert and energetic, with a passion for delivering beautiful and performant code!


17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – The why and what of Rust 

18.30 – Meet & Eat

19.00 – Q&A

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